Monday, July 6, 2009

GL Honduras Program Postponed

Global Learning Community,

Surely you have all been following the political and social unrest in Honduras reported recently in the news. As volunteers' safety is a primary concern for us in Global Learning, we in the organization have been monitoring the situation unfolding in Honduras carefully. Local partners have been reporting from within the country, and members of the GL leadership team outside of Honduras have been following news reports and travel warnings daily.

Though our Honduran program site near La Ceiba is relatively calm, last week it became very clear that the situation overall is too risky and uncertain for us to hold the new program in Honduras this year. Foreign volunteers selected for the 2009 team in Honduras have been invited to participate in our other programs in Central America which start this month. We will save spots for selected Honduran local volunteers on the upcoming program in their country, which hopefully will take place in 2010. The program has been postponed rather than canceled.

It is certainly disappointing to report that our new program will not be happening this year in Honduras. Of course, the political instability certainly has larger consequences for the people of Honduras who are bravely moving through what is a challenging and tumultuous time. I hope you will join me in wishing Honduran citizens, and in particular our local volunteers, a speedy, peaceful, and just resolution.

It is important to note that the political and social unrest in Honduras is isolated. It has not directly affected our program sites in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We do not have any reason to believe that the internal conflicts within Honduras will spill over into neighboring countries.

Our long-running programs in Costa Rica and Nicaragua are stronger than ever. I am confident we will have another successful year in our current program sites, and will look forward to a new program running in Honduras when the context has stabilized.

Thank you for your support and understanding. As always, please write with any questions, concerns, and/or suggestions.

All the best,

Jana Kiser
Global Learning Executive Director

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dennis said...

Hi, Jana
My name is Dennis Shepler and I teach at the Kinkaid School, in Houston, Texas. For the past three summers, I have been taking computers and science equipment to CR. Specifically, Escuella Pinilla (south of Tamarindo). This summer (June) I gave two eMacs and a microscope to Ana Montero-MontaƱa who is a teacher at San Roque de Leberia.
I will continue my work down there next summer and was hoping the we could in some way coordinate our activities. Since I teach high school I may be able to get some of my kids involved in your program. Additionally, I used to teach at the Branson School, Marin.
Hasta entonces