Thursday, January 1, 2009

January Recruiting Update

Hola a todos! Happy Holidays to you all! Thank all of you for your hard work with recruiting in 2008! We are now moving on to recruiting in 2009! The following message is related to U.S.-based recruiting. An update about how to help in Latin America is coming soon.

During this month of January, most all colleges campuses in the U.S. are enjoying winter vacation. Let’s take advantage of this time to prepare for recruiting in the spring semester. Now that professors, and hopefully you all, are not as busy, let’s make a goal to contact professors and set up at least 10 class visits for the month of February (or whenever it is that classes resume on your campus). Once things are set up, the only thing we’ll have left to do in February is send a quick reminder to Professors and go do the 3-minute class presentations. (Please if you would like me to resend you the emails with the template email to professors, 3-minute class presentation notes, etc.)

This month, we can also use our beloved Facebook as a tool to spread the word about GL. On behalf of the entire recruiting team, I invite you all to donate your “status” to GL, every Monday of the month of January. We can make a big impact if we all change our status to say “Want to volunteer in Latin America?” .

Now is also an opportune time for us to send informational emails to friends and family members who may be interested or know others interested in volunteering. Let’s also send follow-up emails to contacts made from our fall recruitment, reminding them of the deadline for applications and encouraging them to check out Global Learning’s new website: I’m sending a follow up email that has volunteer information with GL’s new website address. It’s the same email that was sent last semester (with the header “Unique Volunteer Opportunity in Latin America”), only with our new website.

Thank you all again for your efforts and for giving back to our organization that has given so much to us.
Un abrazo fuerte,