Friday, November 14, 2008

November Recruiting Efforts


I hope this post finds everyone in the best of spirits. Here’s an update on our recruiting efforts...

Things are going great! Thanks to Nessa and Jana we have updated versions of the recruitment information ready to go out to potential volunteers and to help guide you all through the recruitment process.

The next steps are for us to get things moving on our college campuses, actively recruiting for the Nicaragua and Costa Rica programs. Next summer we will also work in Mexico and Honduras, but at this time we are not recruiting for new volunteers to work in our programs in these sites. A more specialized selection process targeted at professional educators and experienced GL volunteers will happen later in the year for these programs.

Here’s our focus for November:

-Volunteers across the U.S. will plan for and hold informational meetings to be held on our campuses (finding a space, putting up flyers, getting the word out, holding the meeting).

-Volunteers in the U.S. will email program info and the 09 application to our friends, family, campus clubs, electronic bulletins, and list serves.

-We will contact professors in order to make 3-minute presentations about GL in our classes and at least five classes that are not ours.

I sent three emails to past US volunteers that contain documents to help guide you through the recruiting process. One has all you need for in-class recruiting through 3 minute presentations about GL. The second email has documents to help you with recruiting meetings on your campus. And, the last one is to forward to list serves, electronic bulletins, email lists, and contacts you gather from in-class presentations and recruiting meetings. If you have not received these documents and would like to, please send an email to

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks in advance for helping spread the word!! Just think of what an experience you would’ve missed if someone hadn’t recruited you…

Thank you,

(Esto ha sido un resumen del reclutamiento en los Estados Unidos y un plan de que vamos a hacer para el mes de noviembre.)